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Wcofun is a free website to stream anime and cartoons legally in the US. This is a safe site to enjoy anime movies and cartoons with English subtitles high-quality dubbing that you’ve ever known. You will easily find popular action, romance, and school genres that have positive reviews from fans. Here, you will discover all information about Wcofun, the entertainment platform that provides the best English sub and dub videos.

Anime fans choose Wcofun to satisfy their online viewing needs in English most economically. This is also a safe and reliable online entertainment place for long-term use.

Wcofun – Official Domains

If you are a big fan of anime, the Wcofun domain name will change due to DMCA issues. To reach users more quickly, not to disappoint people searching for the official domain. Follow us below (new 16th July 2024):

  • Wcofun.tv (official)
  • Wcofun.com
  • Wcofun.org

Watch Free Anime and Cartoons Online

The Wcofun brand is a place that provides a large number of high quality anime and cartoons for free. Videos with quality 2D and 3D graphics on the website taken mostly from Japan and China will make everyone excited. Satisfy fans’ passion through English subtitles and dubbing. Not only that, this is a good place for children under 13 years old to develop their thinking through entertainment from this colorful world.

is Wcofun safe?

Accessing Wcofun will not encounter any legal obstacles, so rest assured the website is still safe when experienced online. The content that the website provides for free like many other platforms, since the beginning of operation until now, there has not been any feedback about security so it is very safe to use. However, you still need to pay attention to many other issues when using it, including:

  • Advertisements: Occasionally an ad will pop up to distract users asking for installation, reporting a virus infection – just turn it off. In addition, popup ads can be annoying, please turn them off if you are not interested. Please consider using ad blocking programs if it affects your user experience.
  • Copyright: Free websites are subject to DMCA legal challenges. website try every way to approach fans that brings the best benefits to fans.

Why use Wcofun for watching anime?

Despite legal troubles over the past time, Wcofun brings many benefits to families, especially children who are looking for healthy cartoons and anime. There are many advantages that make users use the service because:

  • Many good videos: What you want to come here is to search for good anime and cartoon series for entertainment. After going through other platforms and realizing that there are no videos of interest. Here the website solves that problem, any anime series or cartoons you are looking for will be there.
  • Child-friendly: This age group has an interest in exploring new worlds from the first anime episodes, easy to use thanks to the simple interface. Children quickly find the video they want to watch from the poster image from series & movies.
  • Good reputation: The brand is highly appreciated for its safety, most people who experience it have no problems.
  • New videos: Websites regularly update the latest version, providing a series of fresh videos for fans to enjoy.
  • Free: Everyone wants to watch for free, without having to pay useless fees like other platforms but there are no videos to watch. People don’t need to log in and still experience the entire service at their convenience.

Wcofun alternative

Wcofun not only provides famous anime every day, but also has sub and dub options for demanding customers. However, it is impossible to please everyone, there are other safe alternatives like us: Crunchyroll, Netflix, Funimation.

However, Wcofun is still the number 1 choice because it does not require a lot of monthly costs. Hope you will always support us to always try to develop.


What is Wcofun?

Wcofun is a high-quality website that allows you to watch HD quality anime and cartoons in English.

What happened to Wcofun?

Not just us, cartoon online websites do not have a long lifespan. However, the website will continuously release new official domains when necessary, just follow the anime community to get to know us quickly.

Is Wcofun Working in 2024?

Yes, websites are still working to provide anime, cartoons to fans in major regions in the US, UK, Canada, India, Philippines,… much more.

Is it okay to watch anime on Wcofun?

Yes, you won’t have any trouble watching anime online. The Wcofun brand is always safe to use.

Is Wcofun legal in the UK?

Any free anime website itself is streaming illegally. But most users only “watch” on the website so it’s still legal, only the distributors are responsible so don’t worry.

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